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COSI 2018 Program:
June 13 - July 15, 2018

52nd International Vocal Competition 's-Hertogenbosch Preliminary Round, in Sulmona's "Maria Caniglia" Opera House:
June 23, 2018

COSI Academy:
July 5 - July 15, 2018

Opera Chorus Program:
July 1 - July 15, 2018

Opera Creation Lab for composers and singers:
July 5 - July 15th, 2018.

COSI 2018 presents:
W.A. Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro J. Haydn - Il Mondo della Luna G. Puccini - Gianni Schicchi Dean Burry - Il Giudizio di Pigmalione (World Premiere)

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COSI participants come from far and wide. Here, Karina Jay, a young soprano from Australia, talks about her love of singing and her dreams for the future.

1. What made you start singing? 

I always sang as a child (and probably drove my parents mad!) but then some school friends of mine sang in the local church choir and encouraged me to join. I did, at 8 years old, and eventually became head chorister and left at age 16. That same year, I saw some musicals in London, and was so inspired – I knew that I wanted a life on stage, in music, somehow. Eventually I discovered that opera was the style that suited me more than any other. 

2. What do you love about singing?

Singing for me is very simply just so much fun to do. But what I really love about the theatre world in particular, is having the freedom to become another character; being able to live so many different lives and feel everything that character feels, all in a regular working week! I love that every day is different in the life of an opera singer, and that we just get to be creative expressive beings and make art for others to enjoy.  

3. Why did you apply for COSI 2017 Summer Opra Program?

I knew I wanted to take part in a summer program in Europe this year, and Italy, being one of my favourite places in the world, was my first port of call. I hadn’t heard of COSI before, but I came across it during my research and I believe it is simply perfect for what I need at this point in my career. 

4. What do you hope to gain from the program?

The role I have been offered at COSI is a big one – I know that Adina will be my biggest challenge yet. I hope that this summer I will improve my technical skills enough so that I am able to do the best I possibly can in this role vocally. I also am deeply passionate about languages, and hope that I can really improve my Italian during my stay! Lastly, I hope to get to know my colleagues and form lasting friendships with singers from around the world. 

5. What has been the highlight of your singing career so far?

I am from Adelaide, Australia, and the greatest highlight of my career was beyond a doubt, creating the role of Elaine Lamb in the World Premier of Australian opera, Cloudstreet. It’s a very new work (2016) based on the iconic Australian novel by Tim Winton. The opera, composed by George Palmer, contains some of the most stunning and emotive music I have ever come across, and I was lucky enough to be a part of that first, stunning production, alongside just 14 other singers, with my regular company The State Opera of South Australia. Singing opera in a true-blue Aussie accent was certainly a bizarre but amazing experience! 

6. What has been the most difficult part and what did it teach you?

Definitely my battle with stage fright and lack of self-confidence! It is an ongoing struggle which comes and goes, but I have certainly learned a lot along the way about self-love, mindfulness and gratitude. 

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope, either living with my beautiful husband Jonathan somewhere in Europe, possibly Germany, and working regularly in a small opera house, or maybe back here in my home town in Australia, singing regularly for the State Opera company here, all the while creating, painting, yoga-ing and baking in my spare time!
You can find out more about Karina on her website or follow her on Facebook for all the latest. If you’d like to participate in COSI 2017 Summer Opera Program, apply here.

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