Sulmona: Artistic, Authentic


The Centre for Opera Studies in Italy gratefully acknowledges the generous founding support of The Bel Canto Foundation for Italian Heritage and Opera.

COSI 2017 Program Dates:
June 18 - July 16, 2017

COSI Academy Dates:
July 6 - July 16, 2017

Opera Chorus Program Dates:
July 2 - July 16, 2017

Oratorio Chorus Program Dates:
July 17- 24th, 2017, in the San Panfilo Cathedral of Sulmona, and
Madonna della Libera Cathedral of Pratola Peligna

Sulmona is located in the heart of the Abruzzo region in central Italy, 20 minutes inland from the fantastic beaches of Pescara; and 90 minutes from Rome, the Eternal City. With a comfortable, friendly population of 25,000 Sulmona offers the perfect balance between quiet, small-town Italia and vibrant Medieval city.

Sulmona is best known as the birthplace of the poet Ovid, who frequently wrote of its clarity and beauty. Almost two millennia later, similar terms can still be used to describe this hidden gem tucked in the creases of the majestic Apennine mountains. Sulmona is known for offering an authentic Italian experience: inexpensive, friendly, and unspoilt by tourism.

In July, the town comes alive to celebrate the heritage preserved in the many medieval monuments and cathedrals dotting the city. Their medieval festival, Giostra Cavalleresca, divides the city into seven competing quarters, each represented in a parade of colours, captains in armor, horses, duels, and most importantly, feasts.

The city is home to an ornate 19th century opera house, which has recently been restored, and the notes of the city’s chamber music series ring out across 18th century palazzos.

More contemporarily, Sulmona hosts any number of great restaurants, chic boutiques, and a large market or mercato where students can hone their language skills bartering for fashionable Italian clothes, shoes, and novelties.

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